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Nano Steam Gun

Micro-Mist Sterilizing Gun with Ozone

NTC Code: 1730142

Nano Steam Sterilizing device, effectively eliminate and inhibits the growth of germs like bacteria, viruses. With its fully-automatic spray mechanism, Nano Steam Sterilizing device produces a fine spray, able to reach those unreachable parts of customer body before entering the salon.


Nano Steam Disinfectant Handhold Sanitizer Spray Machine

Mist Gun Blue Light with OZone

Recommended for Sterilizing any Surface,Sterilize Salons Spas,Sterilize Homes Carpets , Floor & furniture Sterilize Car Interior

Sterilizes and disinfects even your clothes.

  • Exterminates 99.95% of viruses and germs.
  • It is completely safe, sterile and non-toxic.
  • Recommended for use in Beauty salon & health clubs.