STERIGUARD is a germicide, fungicide, virucide and anti-rust disinfectant for decontamination and cleaning of tools and implements in salons and beauty parlours.


Tools and implements in salons and beauty parlours are easily contaminated with germs, viruses, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms. If these instruments are not decontaminated and cleaned before they are used again, their direct contact with skin, body fluids and blood will transmit diseases from one customer to another. Only a disinfectant like STERIGUARD is effective in effectively fighting such contamination.



STERIGUARD is only to be used as per the following directions of use:

Before cleaning tools and implements, always wear disposable gloves.

Thoroughly clean the tools and implements with disposable brushes and paper tissues to ensure that no hair particles, body fluids and blood remain on them.

To enable all the tools, implements, etc. to be completely submersed in the solution, tall sterilization jars are to be used for the preparation of STERIGUARD.

Prepare STERIGUARD by mixing 2 ounces of the solution with 32 ounces of water.

Immerse the pre-cleaned brushes, combs, clipper parts and all nonporous tools and implements completely in the solution for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Rinse the decontaminated tools and implements in water and dry thoroughly before reuse.

Prepared STERIGUARD solution should be used immediately. Do not leave the prepared solution unused for a length of time.

Do not reuse the solution as it may carry pathogens.

Always disconnect electrical instruments before sterilization. Remove the combs, blades and other detachable parts from disconnected electrical instruments before immersing them in the solution.



STERIGUARD is a high-grade disinfectant for professional use only and must be handled with great care.

Always keep STERIGUARD out of reach of children and amateurs.

Because of its corrosive nature, STERIGUARD can cause irreversible damage to eyes and could also cause skin burns, so ensure that it does not come into direct contact with skin or body parts. Always protect the eyes and use rubber gloves and protective clothing when handling STERIGUARD. Wash thoroughly
with soap and water after handling. STERIGUARD is harmful if swallowed and should not be kept anywhere near food and drink.

In case of spillage, use long-handled mops for cleaning.



STERIGUARD must be stored in a safe place that is cool, ventilated and not exposed to direct sunlight and excessive heat.



Always use a proper drainage system for disposal of used solution. Also, never reuse an empty STERIGUARD container.



The success of STERIGUARD for the decontamination and cleaning of salon and beauty parlour tools and implements was evaluated after immersing the tools and implements for 10 minutes in the prepared solution. STERIGUARD is eective against Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus, Pseudomonas, Salmonella Cholreae-suis, Herpesvirus 1& 2, and Staphylococcus Aureus.